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GuardAI Ecosystem

BuyGuard is your one-stop Free-To-Use Web 3 Telegram solution for crypto groups, offering Safety Scans, Real Time Buy Messages, Competitions, and customizable features - supporting ETH, BSC and SOL.

GuardGPT is an empowered Telegram Solution enhanced by AI to respond to user questions and create AI images with brilliance. Guard TPU is your hub for renting tailored AI hardware for precise neural network training.

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The BuyGuard Utilities


BuyGuard is your Free-To-Use Web 3 Telegram solution for crypto groups and individuals

Guard GPT

An empowered tool enhanced by AI to respond to user questions and create AI images with brilliance.

Guard TPU

Unlock AI's computing potential with Guard TPU at your fingertips. Rent tailored AI hardware.

GuardAI Values

Here for the long run


Join our vibrant GuardAI community to access exclusive holder benefits, engage in exciting community events, and delve into the transformative realm of Web 3 and AI technologies.


Discover BuyGuardBot: The all-in-one solution for crypto enthusiasts and communities on Telegram. Get token reports, stay updated on the latest trends, and find support for your project, all in one place.


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BuyGuard AI Coin Statistics

GuardAI's platform includes BuyGuard, a Web 3 Telegram solution for crypto groups that offers various customizations on ETH, BSC, and SOL, along with Guard TPU, addressing the demand for decentralized AI hardware solutions.

Built on Ethereum Blockchain

GuardAi Contract Adress:



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Swap ETH at UniSwap


Total Supply

1.000.000 Token

Buy Tax

5% per Buy

Sell Tax

5% per Sell


GuardAI is the native utility coin of the GuardAI ecosystem. Holders of 0.5% of the GuardAI supply are eligible to participate in future revenue sharing from its business case through ads like token trendings, mass DMs, website traffic, tap-to-verify ads, hardware rentals, and more. It's important to note that once a wallet sells its tokens, it will be disqualified from this opportunity. The team is committed to providing long-term utility to the crypto space through ongoing development.


2% of every Transaction Marketing
2% of every Transaction Development
1% of every Transaction Liquidity


The BuyGuard Roadmap

Phase 1

Completed after 9 months

Market Analysis

✅ Competitor scrutiny

✅ User preferences in crypto community

BuyGuard Development

✅ Real-time Web 3 Dataflow for ETH, BSC, SOL

✅ Chart and Price Feature for ETH, BSC, SOL

✅ AI-driven Data Approach  

✅ Integrating Token Safety Scans  

✅ Enhanced safety stats in Safetrend

Community Engagement

✅ Safetrend Channels (ETH, BSC, SOL)

✅ Real-Time Events and Safety Scan Channel

✅ Simultaneous monitoring of 50 tokens

Extensive Testing

✅ Test hundreds of tokens, facilitate 100 groups

✅ Earn first ad revenues without native token

✅ Backend adaptability testing

✅ Server and websockets limit optimization

Preparing Start

✅ Finishing Website

✅ Create Community

✅Finish Whitepaper

✅ $GuardAI smart contract development and testing

Official Launch

✅ $GuardAI Stealth Launch on Uniswap

Phase 2

Features, Functionalities & Improvements

User Engagement & Community Building

☑️ Incorporate user feedback for ongoing improvements

☑️ Enhance user experience and fix bugs

☑️ Host AMA sessions

☑️ Create ambassadors and community engagement

Brand Awareness (Ongoing)

☑️ CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listing

☑️ DexTools and Dexscreener Ads

☑️ Article Production and Backlinks Generation

☑️ T1 and T2 Telegram Bot Advertisements

☑️ T1 and T2 YouTuber Partnerships

☑️ T1 and T2 Telegram Channels

☑️ T1 and T2 Twitter Pages

☑️ T1 and T2 Twitter Spaces

Continuous Development

☑️ Integrate an automatic payment system for advertising products into BuyGuard. (Already pre-designed)

☑️ Enable automatic payments in ETH, BNB, and SOL

Revenue Optimisation through following products

☑️ Token Trending: Leverage the popularity of trending tokens through strategic investments and marketing

☑️ Mass DMs: Monetize users using BuyGuard through safety reports by offering targeted advertising to projects seeking broader audience reach

☑️ Tap to Verify Ads: Generate revenue from Tap to Verify Ads by providing a platform for advertisers or use leverage to promote own products through user-friendly verification processes

☑️ Website traffic: Monetize website traffic by capitalizing on the mirrored trends and data, offering advertising space and partnerships to businesses looking to engage with an active crypto audience

Revenue Share Distribution

☑️ Conduct first manual distributions of 50% revenue share to token holders above 0.5% supply

Enable BuyGuard Premium Features

☑️ Implement Premium Emojis in BuyGuardBot with a 5000 TON investment

Phase 3

Future Enhancements

Dive deeper into Telegram Group Management

☑️ User Restrictions:
- Integrate AI-based user restrictions for enhanced control

☑️ Welcomes & Filters:
- Implement welcome messages and filters for a better user experience

☑️ Token Voting System:
- Introduce a Token Voting System for community engagement and decision-making

☑️ Spam Control:
- Enhance spam control mechanisms within the Telegram groups

☑️ Scam Blocker:
- Implement a Scam Blocker to ensure a secure environment for TG Groups

☑️ Extensive AI powered User Verification for Communities

Smart Contract Development for Revenue Sharing

☑️ Design and deploy smart contracts for revenue sharing

☑️ Ensure security and transparency in revenue distribution


☑️ Conduct thorough testing of the revenue share system and dApp

☑️ Address any vulnerabilities or issues

☑️ User Feedback Implementation:
- Incorporate user community feedback for ongoing improvements
- Enhance user experience and address bug fixes

Conceptualization of GuardGPT

☑️ Issue & Solutions Plan

☑️ Implementation of Blockchain

☑️ Choose GPT API


☑️ Develop a backend for GPT

☑️ Integrate the backend with Telegram

☑️ Deploy the bot


Further marketing, development, and procedures will be dynamically coordinated within the community.

This roadmap is intended as an overview and is not final.

Subject to dynamic changes can be made based on ongoing community discussions and feedback.

We may work on bullet points of Phase 3 before Phase 2 and vice versa.

Long-term vision for BuyGuard:

The vision for BuyGuard goes beyond its current capabilities and short-term objectives. Looking ahead, we envision BuyGuardBot and evolving into a brand and comprehensive ecosystem in the crypto space. This ecosystem shall not only provide information and protection for Telegram groups but also enhance the way developers and mods manage their projects. Our goal is to offer users a secure, intelligent, and intuitive environment that fosters interaction and prosperity. We see BuyGuardBot not just as a tool but as an active community partner, contributing data, security and management to thousands of managed telegram crypto communities.

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asked questions

What is GuardAI?

GuardAI is the native utility token of the GuardAI ecosystem, featuring BuyGuardBot, a Web 3 Telegram solution for crypto groups that offers Safety Scans, Real-Time Buy Messages, Competitions, customization options, and trendings on ETH, BSC, and SOL. Additionally, GuardAI includes Guard TPU, which caters to the need for decentralized AI hardware solutions.

How can holders benefit from GuardAI's revenue sharing model?

Those holding 0.5% of the GuardAI token supply are qualified to partake in future revenue sharing from its business model, which includes revenue streams such as token trendings, mass DMs, website traffic, tap-to-verify ads, hardware rentals, and more. It's crucial to understand that selling tokens from a wallet will disqualify it from this benefit. After 9 months of ongoing development, the team remains dedicated to continually enhancing the utility of GuardAI within the crypto space.

How does GuardAI benefit from Telegram's growth?

BuyGuardBot is an integral part of Guard AI, and it's growing alongside Telegram. Currently, Telegram boasts 800 million active users every month, and it's expected to reach 1.562 billion by 2024. That's a significant increase of 492 million users. Telegram has particularly gained popularity within the DeFi and Memecoin communities as the preferred platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, thanks to its robust privacy features and user-friendly chat rooms. With Telegram adding 1.5 million new users every day and already being used by 10% of the world's population, it's contributing to the continued growth of BuyGuard.

What are the fees ?

Every transaction incurs a 5% fee, with 2% allocated to the development of GuardAI and 2% for marketing purposes. The remaining 1% is designated for the liquidity pool. LP tokens generated from the liquidity pool are utilized for various purposes, including but not limited to burns and project funding.

How do I buy GuardAI?

To purchase $GuardAI tokens, begin by copying the contract address provided on our website. Next, navigate to the Uniswap decentralized exchange platform. Once there, initiate a token swap by trading your Ethereum (ETH) for $GuardAI tokens using the copied contract address.

How to fix insufficient output on Uniswap?

By increasing the slippage tolerance to 6 or 7%, you allow Uniswap to execute trades even when there is greater price volatility in the market.